Foot Therapy: Preventing Foot Pain When Walking

There really is not much worse than heading out in a new pair of shoes and then being hit with foot pain. Here at Sole Comfort we are focused on footwear that prevents foot pain, because prevention is always better than cure, right?

Whether you’re heading out on a hike, simply exploring the local area on a weekend, or running around in your everyday life join us as we run through how to prevent foot pain.

Wear socks to cushion your feet

During any walking, but particularly on longer hikes, it is vital that you’re kitted out with not only comfortable shoes but with comfortable socks too. Your socks should be breathable, yet thick enough to provide a good level of cushioning. This will not only help minimise the direct impact on your feet when walking but will also act as a barrier against potential blisters.

Avoid high heels

Anyone who has ever worn high heels understands the pain often associated with them. Wearing a high pair of heels – particularly with a thinner, stiletto heel – forces the front of your foot to hold the full weight of your body. Additionally, heels hold your feet in an unnatural position, which will quickly cause pain in the arches of your feet.

Make sure your shoes or boots are a good fit

The most common cause of foot pain is actually quite simple – ill-fitting shoes! Shoes that are too big or too small are just asking for foot pain, so take your time and make sure you’re investing in shoes that fit you properly.

Well-fitted shoes should leave enough wiggle room for your toes; shoes that are too small will force your feet into an uncomfortable position, leading to pain in toes or cramp when walking. However, shoes should not be so big that the heel lifts and moves as you walk, as this can not only lead to blisters, but to potential trips or falls should your feet slip out.

Make sure your feet have been properly measured, and always try out your new footwear first at home before heading out on a long walk, to ensure it fits comfortably.

Choose footwear with a removable footbed for your own orthotics 

If you find yourself with regular foot pain, particularly pain in the ball of the foot while walking, it is worth visiting your doctor or physical therapist to be fitted for custom orthotics such as heel inserts and footpads. You can also purchase inserts from your local pharmacy.

You can then opt for shoes with removable footbeds which can be replaced with your own custom orthotics for the ultimate in comfort.

When it comes to comfort, a pair of flat shoes or sandals are always the best choice. However, if you do want to opt for heels;

  • Try not to wear heels on days when you will be on your feet for long periods of time. Also try not to wear heels every day and be sure to give your feet a good period of rest between wears.
  • Opt for a shorter heel of around 2 inches.
  • Look for shoes with a chunkier, block heel or a wedge, rather than a stiletto. Wider heels are not only much easier to walk in but will balance the weight of your body, taking the pressure off the front of your feet.

Of course, with foot pain, it all comes mostly down to the footwear you wear. For footwear that prioritises comfort while remaining stylish, look no further than Sole Comfort. From comfortable walking shoes through to fashion-forward sandals and womens trainers, you’re sure to discover your new footwear go-to.

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Roz x