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After closing their doors in 2019 Ziera has been re-launched by an Australian shoe company.  This announcement has delighted many women.  What's changed? You will love the new look of Ziera shoes and you can be reassured the fitting is as good as it ever was. Ziera was always a brand for WIDE FEET and that hasn't changed at all. Every pair is designed to fit a wide foot. Ziera considers a C width to be average (C is wide for other brands) so this is their start point...some Ziera styles are wider than this. All styles have removable footbeds and some come with forefoot inserts so you can adjust the fit to suit average to very wide feet. More on that below.

For anyone with orthotics, this is your brand. Simply remove the Ziera footbeds and pop in your orthotics. Some people find the shoes with Ziera footbeds and inserts provide the support they need without having to switch to their orthotics.



A much loved Australian brand, Diana Ferrari is known for offering a range of quality, on-trend feminine footwear designed for reliable comfort and classic style - browse online today for your next pair of go-to shoes.


SUPERSOFT by Diana Ferrari

Each shoe in Diana Ferrari's Supersoft range is designed with a wider 'C' fit and dual density comfort footbed made from plush latex foam, offering hidden support that fits effortlessly into your lifestyle. 




Ever since the introduction of the Keds Champion Sneaker back in 1916, Keds has been making versatile, comfortable, fashionable footwear to help women as they step out into the world every day. No matter where they’re going or how they’re getting there, Keds helps them move through life their way.





Rieker footwear are defined by so much more than the way they look. Yes, all of our shoes are designed to look fantastic and last for years, but the real genius lies within the design elements you can’t see.

All Rieker footwear are crafted using their signature antistress and antishock technology, which provide your feet with the essential support and luxurious comfort our brand is known for.


  • Lightweight feel for ultimate freedom
  • Optimum shock absorption on varying surfaces
  • Maximum reflexibility
  • Design that allows space for feet to expand throughout the day

Unlike many footwear manufacturers who put style over comfort, the expert designers at Rieker deliver both in equal measure. Utilising high quality lightweight and elastic components, Rieker antistress shoes eliminate pressure points, absorb shocks and keep you walking with a spring in your step all day long. 



Remonte footwear are lovingly crafted with comfort and style in mind. Whether you’re looking for a pair of cosy lace-up shoes or summery sandals or boots, Rieker’s sister brand has a shoe for every occasion.

Remonte shoes are available in a variety of colours and styles, so it’s easy to find a pair to suit any outfit. With a wide range of sizes, including wide-fit and extra-wide fit, we can guarantee you’ll find the perfect fit for you.