What Our Customers are Saying

  • "The Noomi Boots are fantastic! They're lined with lambswool, fit snugly and they look great too. The waterproof outer has been brilliant for watching my son's soccer from the cold sidelines and they're great for round home - light to wear, no noise on our new wooden floorboards either! Would recommend them to all!"
    - Bec, Christchurch
  • "I've been eyeing up the Doro Boot for some time and am so pleased I chose them (in fact, this is my second purchase of boots from these guys in one week!) The service is great! They are so light to pick up and wear - even my 11 year old daughter commented on that - and they're so comfy too with a wool sole lining that can be removed easily as well. Truly love them & already recommended to others"
    - BK, Hawke's Bay